Online store USB Powered GPS Display L1 L2 LED Jammer bszGJGku for sale.

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Online store USB Powered GPS Display L1 L2 LED Jammer bszGJGku for sale.

Online store USB Powered GPS Display L1 L2 LED Jammer bszGJGku for sale.

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Product Description

USB Powered GPS Jammer

The newest of our GPS jammers , this highly portable unit can be plugged in to any USB port, to provide GPS L1 and GPS L2 coverage.

If your vehicle power outlet goes OFF when the vehicle is turned off, use this USB GPS jammer along with a power bank, for highly portable and independently powered GPS jamming .

Discreet model, it looks like a thumb drive, and has an LED display.

Get yours now and provide protection against GPS tracking devices.

Coverage of up to 10 meters.

Protective case included.

- This unit blocks GPS L1-L2 (tracking) ONLY. It will ONLY block tracking devices.  It will NOT block your navigation system (your phone maps, your in-dash navigation system, etc) .  If you want to block all these devices you will need to cover GPS L1-L5, which is what our handheld GPS jammer does.

Also see our GPS tracker detector , to locate and disable GPS tracking devices.


The Signal Jammer Service

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