Product Description:

The handheld GPS jammer here is very popular for the car drivers and some one who do not want to be tracked by using GPS L1 signal.It is very effective that the jamming radius of the product is up to 15 meters.And when it turned on ,platform only shows the vehicle stationary, not off-line so that it is very safety and ganrantee that no one can track you by GPS signal that the jammer support.



Can work for a long time with one charge

No effect to the normal use of mobile phones or other electronic equipment

Small size, light weight, large coverage



Frequency Supported:GPS L1

Working Radius : 5-15 meters

Output Power:0.8W

Dimensions(without antennas): 95 x18x18 mm

Power Supply: built-in battery AC power adapter or car charger

Weight: 400g

Working Temperature: - 30 ~ 60 ℃

Relative Humidity: 5 ~ 95%

Storage Temperature: - 50 ~ 60 ℃


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