Technologies Cell Phone Jammer and Car Charger For Europe with Middle East tGwwddPezJvll for ebay.

Product Specifications:

  • Cell Phone Jammer with Car Charger - For Europe and Middle East
  • Total Transmission Output: 10 Wat
  • Isolating Signal Bandwidth
    GSM900: 925~960Mhz
    GSM1800: 1805~1880Mhz
    3G: 2110~2170Mhz
  • Typical Radius Range: Up to 30 Meters (depending on the mobile service provider's network condition and background signal strength)
  • Antenna Interface: SMA
  • Connection:
    - Four SMA connectors which are used to connect with anternna (CDMA GSM/DCS PHS 3G ).One Adaptor connector
  • Power Source: AC 110-240V and DC12-36V
  • Dimension: 455*240*85mm (L x W x D)

How to install Antenna and turn on the Device?

    To install the antennas, please try to screw the antennas tightly to the corresponding position on the device according to the length remark on the device and antennas The antenna connectors of Output power and working instruction LED on the Cover.Longer Green,Yellow,Bule,Red Dot connect with antenna which are identified by CDMA GSM,DCS PHS,3G as the indication accordantly, will be ON when the Power SW placed, Power LED shows green,and then the machine begins to work.

Opeartion Notes:

  • While it is working , the surface temperature is about 45 ℃. It is normal. However , if it is higher than 45 ℃, it is abnormal . Please put the power SW to OFF immediately and try to contact your local distributor or agent .
  • The shielding range of the device will be determined by the local signal strength . In different situation, it will be with different performance.
  • Please try to put the device in a higher position while it is working .It will be better. The suggested height is about 2M. To avoid the loss of function of the device, please try to avoid the device placed on or the metal materials.
  • Do not put the device near computers, notebook computers, televisions, stereos, radios and so on , in order not to make some interference for these equipments.
  • Do not turn on the power before the antennas is installed, If the antenna is not properly installed in accordance with the manuals, the shielding range will be not so good. make sure the correct installation before turn on the power.

GPS Jammer GPS Signal Jammers Four Bands GPS Jammer


  • Fans and Heatsink chip:
    To keep the device working with high efficiency. We design two fans to keep heat dissipation. (Fans supply 12V). One Fan is used to keep the heat in, the other one to make the heat out .Therefore , the temperature inside the device will be approximately equal to the outside temperature.Moreover, Heatsink chip ,by taking advantage of complete heat dissipation, make the machine work more stablely
  • You can install this device in different car model. It works supplied with 12V inside the car. To make it more user friendly ,We provide the car adaptor with 3M cables. It also can be used in AC 110-240V for indoor purpose.It can be used globally. See the attached pictures.
  • This product can be used in any place where mobile phones are prohibited to be used. Vehicle, Meeting Room, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities, Oil and Gas Fields, Hospitals, Theatres, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Prisons, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement,Customs,Houses.

Why to choose the Desk Signal Jammer?

  • Besides the indoor installation, This device can be installed in different cars and buses. It is with the car charge adaptor and can be powered with 12V-36V.
  • Its power adaptor can be supplied with both AC 110-240V and DC12-36V. If Working under AC current, It will be better for the capabilities of the device without too much current, in case of the damage of the machine.
  • With high heat dissipation technique and designed with two fans to keep the heat dissipated , the device can work for a long time without so much heat and always in a good working status.
  • The device is designed with aluminum module case, which is not easy to be wore and teared by adopting electrooxidation technology. Moreover , The black color case make the device more elegant.


  • AC Power Charger (we will send correct standard power charger which according customer's shipping address)
  • Band Specific Antennas x 4
  • 1 x English User Manual (If you need, we will send the scan file via email, it will avoid some possible custom issue)


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